Sarah Capelovitch wins award
The Israeli Bobath Tutors Association congratulates Dr. Sarah Capelovitch on receiving an award for lifetime achievement from the Israeli Child Development organization. 
The prize will be awarded at the annual conference to be held in Jerusalem, on November 10th. 
Sarah is a neurodevelopmental physiotherapist who was qualified as a Bobath-NDT tutor by Dr. Karel and Mrs. Berta Bobathin 1981. 
Since then, Sarah has been training generations of therapists (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and doctors) in Israel and around the world. 
Sarah is one of the founders of the European Bobath Tutor Association.She was president of EBTA for 10 years.In September 2000 Sarah founded the Israeli Bobath Tutor Association,which has grown to comprise a very active teaching group of thirteen tutors giving comprehensive practical courses every year in Israel.
Sarah has the combination of professionality, sensitivity, wisdom, modesty, mental sharpness and inspiration for excellence and insistence of implementing only the most up to date information concerning intervention programs.  All of this made Sarah one of the leading therapists in Israel and worldwide. As a therapist, she knows how to empower parents and help the child and his family realizetheir capacity in everyday life. 
Over the years Sarah continues to engagein voluntary work, while putting an emphasis on coexistence between Jews and Arabs,with great sensitivity to multiculturalism


Our Association, AMTEF BOBATH (Association des Médecins et Thérapeutes Bobath d'Expression Française) will organize a Baby Bobath Course in the North of France, in March 2018.


It will be taught by Sarah Capelovitch, a senior Bobath tutor and physiotherapist and her colleague a senior tutor / occupational therapist. 


This course is EBTA approved.


This Course will be in English Language and there will be a translator for French speaking people.



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